Chipotle Mexican Grill Coupon: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Salad or Order Of Tacos

Chipotle Mexican Grill Coupon: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Salad or Order Of Tacos. First 250,000 Get a coupon, so sign up below. Coupon valid through 9/2
    1. Must get all 10 answers correct to get the coupon. If you don't know the answers I have listed them all for you below.
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At Chipotle, What Is Extra?  Guac

Chipotle Offers Tuition Help For Up To 75 Different Business And Technology Degrees. What Percentage Of Tuition Costs Are Covered For Eligible Chipotle Employees? 100%

At Chipotle We Serve Green, Yellow, And Red Bell Peppers That Are Hand Sliced For Our Fresh Fajitas And Sautéed Every Morning. How Many Kinds Of Bell Peppers Do We Grow To Get These Different Colors? 1

Our Customers With Allergy And Dietary Restrictions Are Important To Us. If You Are On A Gluten-free Diet, What Can You Order At Chipotle? All Of The Above

Valedictorians Of Being Awesome. What Grade Did Chipotle Receive From The Humane Society United States Food Industry Scorecard? A+

What Are The Ways You Can Get Chipotle? All Of The Above

We Know You Know Guac Is Extra. But Did You Also Know That Our Guac ________________ ? All Of The Above

What Benefits Do You Receive When You Enroll In Chipotle Rewards? All Of The Above

Finish This Sentence: Chipotle Prepares Their Food ________________ . All Of The Above

True Or False: Every Salad At Chipotle Is Made With Supergreens, Which Is Made Of Romaine Lettuce, Baby Spinach, And Baby Kale. True

What City Gave Chipotle Founder, Steve Ells, The Culinary Inspiration For The Iconic Mission-style Chipotle Burrito? San Francisco

What Is A Tomato? Fruit

We Flame-roast The Tomatillos In Our Tomatillo-green Chili Salsa To Give It A Smoky Depth Of Flavor, And Use It In Our Hot Tomatillo-red Chili Salsa To Balance The Spice Level With Its Tartness. What Region Do We Have To Thank For The Wonderful Tomatillo? Mexico And Central America

Chipotle Buys More ________________ Than Any Other National Restaurant Group. Local Produce

Clocking In At 10,000-23,000 Scolville Units, This Pepper Adds A Pleasant Kick Of Heat And Flavor To Our Queso Blanco. Serrano Pepper

When Is Chipotle's Birthday? July 13, 1993

How Many Pounds Of Locally Grown Produce Did Chipotle Purchase In 2018? 29 Million Pounds

What Percentage Of Chipotle Bowls Are Made From Compostable Fiber? 100%

What Is The Best Way To Get Free Chipotle? Join Chipotle Rewards

Chipotle Is Committed To Supporting The Next Generation Of Farmers To Ensure The Future Of Real Food. What Actions Has Chipotle Taken To Do This? A, B, And C

What Is Composting? Recycling Various Organic Materials...

We Use Real Oregano, Rather Than Added Flavors Or Extracts. It Belongs To The Mint Family And Is Typically Used To Season Savory Dishes. Which Savory Chipotle Menu Items Will You Find Oregano In? A And C

Which Image Is A Poblano Pepper? B

What Cooking Technique Is Not Used At Chipotle? Microwaving Queso Blanco

Our Ingredients Are Never Artificial. What Do Real, Farm Fresh Vegetables Need To Grow? A, B, And C

What Combination Of Fresh, Real Ingredients Are Used To Make The Crispy Goodness That Is Our Tortilla Chips? Corn masa flour, sunflower oil, water, lime juice, salt

What Percent Of Qualifying Purchases Does Chipotle Give Back Through Our Fundraising Program? 33%

George Is Focused On Eating A Healthy Diet With A Goal Of Eating A 500 Calorie Dinner. George's Favorite Restaurant Is Chipotle, What Should George Order To Stay Within His Calorie Target? Any Of The Above

In The Chipotle Kitchen, The Following Utensil Is The Most Used Item During Food Prep. Knife

Which Of The Following Sourcing Practices More Accurately Reflects Chipotle's Standards When It Comes To Chicken, Steak, Barbacoa, And Carnitas? All Of The Above

True Or False: Chipotle Bowls Taste Better With Our Black Forks Made From Recycled Plastic. True

The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation Donated Over $250k To The National Young Farmers Coalition For A New Young Farmers Grant Program. If This Grant Program Gave $5,000 To Farmers Under 40, How Many Grants Did Chipotle And The National Young Farmers Coalition Award In Early 2020? 50

Valedictorians Of Being Awesome. What Grade Did Chipotle Receive From The Humane Society United States Food Industry Scorecard? A

Which Lifestyle Diets Can You Follow While Eating Chipotle? - All Of The Above

Farmer John Grows Romaine Lettuce. He Plants Lettuce In The Morning On April 1. 100,800 Minutes Later, He Harvests The Lettuce To Top Off The Perfect Bowl. On What Date Does John Harvest The Romaine Lettuce? - June 10 70 Days Later

What Is The Name Given To The Designated Lane At Select Restaurants Where Customers Can Drive Up To Receive Their Chipotle Mobile Order Without Ever Getting Out Of Their Car? Chipotlane

How Many Syllables Are In The Word Jalapeños?  4

We Dice A Whopping 50 Pounds Of Onions By Hand Every Day In All Of Our 2,500 Restaurants For Which Menu Item(S)? All Of The Above

In 2017, Chipotle Became The Only National Restaurant Brand With No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Or Preservatives In Any Of The Ingredients Used To Prepare Food. Which Of The Following Most Accurately Represents Chipotle's View On Preservatives? All Of The Above

Corban Started Working At A Chipotle Restaurant In January, Anna's First Day Was In May, And Christina Joined The Chipotle Team In September. If The Average Employee Is Promoted To Manager In 18 Months, When Did These Three Get Promoted?   July, November, March

Chipotle Is Committed To Sustainability. In 2018, What Single Use Item Inside Our Restaurants Did Chipotle Recycle Into Trash Bags?  Serving Gloves

How Many Real, Fresh Ingredients Does Chipotle Only Use In Every Hand-mashed Batch Of Guacamole?   7

How Many Real Ingredients Do We Serve Every Day In Every Chipotle Restaurant? 53

How Much Time Passes On Average From The Moment You Hit Order On Your Chipotle App, Until Your Fresh Food Is Delivered To Your Front Door? Less Than 30 Min

Did You Know The Chipotle Chile Is Actually Just A Very Ripe Jalapeño Pepper That Has Been Dried And Smoked For Days Until It Turns Into The Perfect Ingredient For Mexican Cooking? Which Of These Four Jalapeños Has Reached Peak Spiciness, And Is Ready To Become Our Namesake Chipotle? D The Red One

Let's Settle The Debate. How Exactly Do You Pronounce Chipotle? Chih-poat-lay

Grown On A Tree, Used As A Whole Or By Piece, An Aroma That's Spiced And Sweet, This Could Be A Surprise Little Treat You Find In Your Meal—but Don't Squeal! Bay Leaf

When Ordering In The Chipotle App, What Happens When You Swipe Right On Any Protein? Lets You Add Double Protein.

Which Type Of Onion Do We Use In The Most Chipotle Menu Items? Red

Let's Settle The Debate. How Exactly Do You Pronounce Chipotle? Chih-poat-lay

True Or False: Salads Are Made With Sungreens.True.