$15 of Free Groceries, Food or other Items From a Local Convenience Store From Doordash + Free Delivery

$15 of Free Groceries, Food or other Items From a Local Convenience Store From Doordash + Free Delivery.  Stores like 7-11, CVS, Walgreens and others. Depends on where you live you will see different stores. Whichever stores you have you will get $15 of free items!
  1. To get this deal you need Doordash Daspass. If you don't have yet it you can do the Free 30 Day trial, and if you signed up for the free $15 of Food 2 weeks ago then you should still have it and you'll be able to get this deal
  2. Click here login or creat a new account (referral link, will also give you $5 off second order), if you have account already then just log in
  3. Click here sign up for the Dash Pass IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT THEN SKIP. This is a 1 month free trial and There is NO charge, The first month is free. If you decide to cancel in the first month there no charges. Once you sign up you will automatically have the  $15 offer in your account. If you previously had Dashpass and cancelled then you can't get the free trial and you will have to pay the $9.99 Free
  4. CLICK HERE for all stores that qualityOnly stores in the convenience categories will qualify! You can order any items you want from these stores, but it must be one of the stores in the "convenience" tab. If on the app just click the convenience tab.
  5. At checkout you should see the $15 off and purchase If you don't see it see below on possible fixes. The credit will only show on the checkout screen as seen in the screenshot above. it does not show on the credits screen!
    1. IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR CREDIT or see a different promo
      1. Make sure you are signed up for Dashpass, will not work if you don't have Dashpass
      2. Go to box that says "Add Promo Code" or Available Promos' and click that or click change. Select the $15 promo. 
      3. Try manually typing in the promo code ESSENTIALS20 
  6. IT MIGHT BE TIME TO CANCEL YOUR DASHPASS! IF YOUR 30 DAYS IS UP SOON THEN YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR ELSE YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE $9.99 FEE. You could also choose to keep it and next week they are having $15 of Free Pizza. So that would cover the $9.99 anyways, and then you could cancel it the next month if you wanted