Big Walmart Glitch on Sub Sandwiches only 46 Cents Each!!


Big Walmart Glitch on Sub Sandwiches only 46 Cents Each!! Glitch is back and working again. You order for the regular price online and when you get the pickup email it will automatically adjust the price to around 46 cents each. 

  1. The last time this glitch came around it was working for everybody. This time it seems to be working for most people but there are some stores it is not working at unfortunately. Some if you will do this and it won't adjust for you. Do not panic. If you order doesn't adjust in price once you get the pickup ready email then you can either cancel the order or you can just not pick it up and they will refund you.
  2. INSTRUCTIONS: Click below and add for the $6.50-$7 price each and you submit the order for that higher price (you are not charged yet!) You will also get a first email showing that higher price. Once your items are ready for pickup you will get a second email. In that pickup email it will show the lower prices like you see in the photo above. You will not see the lower price until that pickup ready email. It takes a few hours for your order to be ready for pickup usually so it will be a while.
  3. You are not charged until pickup. So if anything goes wrong where the price doesn't adjust you can just cancel the order or just don't pick it up and they will refund you. If any of the items don't adjust you can just have them remove it from your order as well when you get to the store
  4. Make sure to order above $35 - basically that's only 6 sandwiches or can add any other items you want to buy to reach $35. Under $35 they charge a pickup fee. a $35 order will adjust down to about  $2 or so. Even after adjusting lower they do NOT charge the pickup fee
  5. WORKS ON THESE SANDWICHES BELOW - no limits, can get as many as you want and freeze them
YES I SEE IT SAYS FINAL COST BY WEIGHT at checkout... and yes it will still adjust to the lower price. I'm pretty sure the fact that it's supposed to be by weight is what is causing the glitch to make it only 25 cents each. Just trust me and do it.